About Us

Enterprise Bank first opened its doors for business in October 1998. Since that day, it has continued to change the expectations small business owners have for their financial institutions. The main reason is this: Enterprise Bank is the region’s only bank created solely to cater to the ever-growing and evolving needs of entrepreneurs.

The Banks founders all successful, local business entrepreneurs—recognized an absence of resources for small business owners in the Western Pennsylvania region. They noticed that community banks were too small to handle the lending demands of a new business and mega banks viewed small businesses as too risky to lend to. Their idea was to create a bank that understood the needs of this unique group and to offer banking services and business solutions that would develop Pittsburgh’s small businesses—all of these in a friendly, personable atmosphere that places the clients’ needs first.

They did this through several methods unique to Enterprise Bank. First, each business client has a unique Relationship Manager that acts not only as a lending officer to the clients but oftentimes as a business advisor and mentor. Your Relationship Manager cares about the welfare of your business because they have a vested interest in your business. This is because each Relationship Manager functions as a small business owner internal to the Bank. When your business succeeds and grows, your Relationship Manager’s business succeeds and grows. If your business suffers or fails, your Relationship Manager suffers a loss as well. That is why they strive to have your business thrive.

Another unique feature to Enterprise Bank is that it only has one ‘brick and mortar' location. Headquartered in Allison Park, Enterprise Bank only operates one location in order to keep its overhead costs to a minimum. These savings are returned to our customers in the forms of higher short-term interests rates than many of our competitors in the Pittsburgh region. Although this may seem to be a disadvantage for our business clients, many of which would normally use branch banks to deposit money or purchase change, Enterprise Bank has created several banking services available at your office to conduct your transactions. The most popular is Enterprise Connection, our online banking system that allows you to manage your account, etc. Enterprise Bank has Enterprise Payment Solutions, remote deposit services that enables clients to make bank deposits right at their desks!

As the operations of Enterprise Bank matured, it has continued to evolve into non-traditional banking services. New subsidiaries were created that would further enhance the relationship between Enterprise and its clients. At the present, there are three: Enterprise Business Consultants, Inc.; Enterprise Insurance Services, Inc.; and Kuzneski & Lockard, Inc. Enterprise Business Consultants, Inc. offers outsourced services relative to accounting/bookkeeping, promotional marketing, and website design, as well as training in each of these three areas of expertise. Enterprise Insurance Services, Inc. provides comparative analysis of various insurance policies, rates, and companies for your business’ needs. Kuzenski & Lockard, Inc. is a traditional real estate brokerage company that also provides property management services. Enterprise Bank still continues to expand and develop its array of small business services. New products and services are continually developing in each of the subsidiaries to better service their customers. In the next few years, it will have the capability of offering investment management and retirement plans that small business owners can offer to their employees.

With all of these changes, Enterprise Bank will continue to offer superior customer service in a personable setting. This is because we view Enterprise Bank as more than a financial institution. We see it as an opportunity—the opportunity for an entrepreneur to receive the attention and support needed to nurture the seedling of a business into a strong and mighty tree. Our Customers are more than the result of a lending equation. They are the result of Our Conviction that every business deserves the chance to compete and succeed among business giants. It is our belief because that is the story of Our Company.