The Value of Enterprise Insurance Services

Created in 2001, Enterprise Insurance Services was designed to provide title insurance to our banking and loan customers for added convenience as a part of the bank lending experience. However while learning about the insurance purchasing process, it occurred to Enterprise Bankís founders that the system for obtaining any kind of insurance is inherently flawed for the small businessman or businesswoman. 

Typically, a small business owner would research several insurance agencies and compare policies and prices to his or her needs and means. After initially deciding on an agency or policy, many business owners will continue to renew their current policy with their current agency for many years, despite the fact that another company may offer a better policy, rates, or service. This is simply because entrepreneurs do not have the time and resources to conduct this research on an annual basis. 

In the insurance-sales industry, this creates an air of apathy to the needs of the customer. Many insurance agents are now only focused on a one-time sale, not long-term customer satisfaction and well-being. Insurance providers appear to concentrate on increasing rates and premiums, not on providing quality services. It would be to an entrepreneurís advantage to find a company that would conduct this research for them, offer them impartial counseling on various options at various rates, and provide the opportunity to purchase directly through several different agencies-not just one. 

This is the foundation of Enterprise Insurance Services. Their ultimate goal is to be an insurance consultant, not an insurance agent. They plan to offer many insurance services, such as Property and Casualty, Life, Accident, and Group Health Insurance-all of which are essential to small business owners. Enterprise Insurance Services not only come with Enterprise Bankís reputation and reliability but with the same personable and customer-service oriented business philosophy that small business clients have come to expect.