The Value of a Marketing Service

There’s a saying in business that “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” Without sales, a company has no reason for existence and no profit to survive on. That’s where marketing comes into play. Promotional merchandise, advertising and press releases are all part of the tools that help you share your company’s personality and name with the public. However, most small business owners do not have the time or know-how to create an effective marketing plan or supporting materials. By outsourcing their marketing needs, small business owners can better focus their energy and time on the operations of their business.

The Benefits of Using Enterprise Business Consultants Marketing Services

Most experienced advertising agencies and consulting firms charge service rates that prohibit small businesses from outsourcing their marketing. As a result, small business owners are forced to choose between creating their own marketing or relying on independent contractors or moonlighters to produce company advertising. Both choices can lead to unprofessional or incomplete projects. Enterprise Business Consultants, Inc.’s (EBC) Marketing Services eliminate this difficult choice by providing quality and professional marketing services at a cost that is affordable for small to mid-sized businesses. EBC Marketing Services are backed by the security of the Enterprise name, like Enterprise Bank. So small business owners can feel confident that the company they are working with is competent and dependable. They can feel more secure with EBC’s experience and industry knowledge than with an unknown independent contractor or employee who happens to be “skilled” at using clip art.

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Branding & Corporate Identity

Our marketing and graphic design consultants will work with you to create a new logo or refresh an old logo to effectively reflect your company’s current branding strategies. They will work with you to identify your corporate identity. Assist you in defining your brand and mission statement. Help you develop a branding strategy to communicate your business goals both internally and externally.

Internal Marketing

EBC can create any and all internal marketing that you may require. Whether it is artwork for business cards and stationary, employee newsletters, restaurant menus or your annual report, our consultants will create a professional image for you.

Website Design

Whether you are looking to have a basic web presence or to take your existing website to the next level, we are able to create professional and interactive programming that is specific to your business needs. We custom design all of the sites we build. We will work closely with you to understand what you need your website to do.

Print & Broadcast Advertising

We can create print advertising artwork for newspaper and magazine publication or outdoor signage. In addition, we are able to write captivating broadcast scripts and work with a production team to bring to life your radio or television ads. Either way, EBC’s marketing department works to create an effective advertising campaign that not only stretches your marketing dollars but maximizes your ad exposure.

Press Releases

A well-written, eye-catching press release to the right people can give a company positive public exposure without having to pay for advertising.  EBC can create the kinds of press releases that gather attention and generate positive word-of-mouth branding.

Production and Design

At EBC, we respect and value the relationships that you as a business have established with printers, advertisers and production companies.  We can work with any outside vendor needed to "get the job done."  And if necessary, we can recommend a variety of reputable service providers for you to choose from.

Third Party Completion Projects

Quite frequently at EBC, we have clients who have started a marketing project on their own or with another company or contractor and later find that they need the extra help to complete the project.  EBC's marketing department is experienced in working to efficiently complete projects that have not originally been finished to the client's specifications.