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Company Facts:

-ESCM is national full-service law firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

-ESCM was founded in 1958 when nine attorneys left another Pittsburgh firm and formed Eckert, Seamans & Cherin.

-Currently, there are more than 360 attorneys operating from in 14 office locations throughout the Eastern United States.

-We are a member of the State Capital Global Law Firm Group.


Stuart R. Kaplan
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC
600 Grant Street, 44th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-566-5906
Fax: 412-566-6099

Eckert Seamans Small Business Practice

Small businesses counseling is an important practice area at the law firm of Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC, where several of our attorneys focus on addressing the needs of small businesses.  We serve as counsel to a significant number of small business clients and other businesses that were small when they first came to us for legal services, but which are now among Western Pennsylvania’s most successful companies.  Small business clients are highly valued at Eckert Seamans and our attorneys are fully committed to making all of the firm’s resources available to them and their owners at competitive rates.

Resources available to small business clients include the full range of legal services provided by our attorneys who practice in such areas as general corporate, finance, labor/employment, bankruptcy, intellectual property, environmental, benefits and tax, among many others.  This full spectrum of services is readily available “in-house,” without having to make expensive referrals to outside “experts.”

Our small business clients also frequently benefit from their association with Eckert Seamans in other ways, such as being able to access the extensive network of business and community contacts the firm has established over the years.  Less tangible benefits derived by small business clients include the market credibility and respect that comes from being represented by a well-known and highly regarded law firm.

While some small businesses may be attracted to other law firms by the perception that they charge less, Eckert Seamans remains competitive by providing a high level of service at an overall cost which compares very favorably, e.g., some things just should not be trusted to the lowest bidder.  Our numerous small business clients have confidence in the ability of Eckert Seamans to tailor our services to the needs and budgets of their companies.

In the event that you desire representation and/or legal counsel for the needs of your small business, please contact Stuart R. Kaplan (412-566-5906 or, who heads up the small business practice at Eckert Seamans’ Pittsburgh Office.  Eckert Seamans has served the needs of small business owners for almost 50 years and is proud to count numerous successful and growing small businesses among its clients.