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When starting your business you will need to choose a location. This could possibly be a space in your home designated for this purpose. However, if your business requires you to be open to the public, your home is not zoned for your business or you need to have a more professional look, then you will need a new location. If your office needs are very limited, you may want to consider using an incubator space at a local economic development center until your business is strong enough to afford a larger space. Otherwise, you will have to buy or lease a space.

As you search for real estate agents, consider the following:

  •   Where do you want and need to be located?
  •   How much space do you initially need?
  •   Can you share office space?
  •   What can you afford?

Most realtors will want to know the answers to those questions in order to qualify the locations they find prior to showing them. However, you should make sure you know who you are talking to and who that person represents before you share any information with a real estate agent. A good buyer’s agent will actively work in the buyer’s best interest to locate a property and negotiate the best price for the buyer. On the other hand, a seller’s agent represents the seller and tries to get the highest price for that person. Agents are technically required by law to disclose who they are working for at the first “substantive discussion,” but this does not always happen. They should ask you to sign the “Consumer Notice,” which proves they disclosed these different relationships.

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