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Additional Services


Bank-by-Mail is a FREE service offered to all Enterprise Bank clients. In order to take advantage of this service, just place a personalized deposit ticket and your endorsed checks (cash is not permissible) in the FREE postage-paid, pre-addressed return envelopes supplied by Enterprise Bank and drop them in the mail. Simple as that! Upon receipt, an Enterprise Bank employee will post the deposits and immediately mail a transaction receipt to you same day. The return mail to you will also include a new postage paid envelope.

To learn more about Bank-by-Mail at Enterprise Bank, please contact a Client Service Representative at (412) 487-6048.

Sweep Services

What is a Sweep Feature?

A sweep feature is an automatic funds transfer that ties two deposit accounts together and moves a specified amount of funds automatically between the accounts when balance thresholds are met. This service can act as overdraft protection to cover insufficient funds and minimize service fees resulting from insufficient funds.

To use this service, account holders work with their Relationship Manager or a Client Service Representative to select an Enterprise Bank checking account and a savings.

Overdraft protection transfers are a FREE service; investment transfers are subject to a monthly fee. Federal regulations limit the number of monthly sweep transfers from an interest-bearing account. After six transactions per calendar month, the sweep feature shuts down automatically. The sweep feature will automatically resume the next calendar month.

How a Sweep Feature Works

  • Creating a sweep arrangement is a very simple process and does not require you to travel to the Bank to initiate.
  • You work with your Relationship Manager or a Client Service Representative to select a secondary checking, savings to tie to your main operating account and create the sweep guidelines.
  • A sweep feature agreement is completed according to the decided sweep guidelines.
  • When the balance in the checking account falls below the predetermined average balance stated in the sweep guidelines, funds are deposited into the main operating account, thus maintaining the average balance.
  • Funds above the average balance threshold will be invested into a savings account.

Benefits of Using a Sweep Feature From Enterprise Bank

  • Once created, the sweep is automatic and requires no extra attention.
  • It can help to reduce unnecessary embarrassment and service fees associated with insufficient funds.
  • Gives you peace of mind, knowing that your money is in the account it is needed in, when it is needed there.
  • Enterprise Bank augments the sweep arrangement with some of the Pittsburgh area’s best deposit rates.

To learn more about Sweep Services at Enterprise Bank, please contact a Client Service Representative at (412) 487-6048 

Wire Transfers

Enterprise Bank allows you to request wire transfers. Wire transfers both domestic and international can be requested from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. You will need to complete a wire transfer agreement with the Bank prior to the wire transfer request.  Wire transfers can be initiated via a written request or emailing the completed request to our Client Service Representatives at

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